Great War 100 – International Art Exhibition for Young People

As part of the commemorations of the Great War, The Barnett Stross Foundation has funded and is leading Great War 100, a free international art project for children aged 4 – 18. Great War 100 presents young people round the world with an opportunity to express their views about the First World War in paintings, photography and sculpture.


Ideas -

Topics could include:

- Life for soldiers experiencing the war
- Life for civilians back home
- Battle scenes
- Propaganda posters during the war
- Life after the war
- Armament
- Effects of the war on soldiers, their families and others
- The build up to the War

Art Techniques:

- Drawing, painting
- Printmaking
- Photography
- Pottery
- Combined technique (metal, pottery, wood, glass, textile, paper)

For more information on guidelines and deadlines please visit the website at

Developments in Poland

Some exciting things going at the moment. In talks with people in Poland looking to expand the UK Children’s art exhibition there – to celebrate Barnett Stross’s Polish background. Long overdue and important that we do this.

If you are Polish, or have a Polish background please ensure you find out about Barnett Stross and ensure your children enter the free UKCFAE. Find Barnett Stross biography attached in the Files section of this group.


Lidice in Dance

Lidice in Dance

Article from Stoke-on-Trent’s local newspaper, The Sentinel.

Part of the Bertarelli Foundation’s Creative Minds Festival at The Regent theatre, Hanley

More children exploring the Lidice and Stoke-on-Trent bond; can only be good for their aspirations and civic pride

Lidice – Brian Gray 2013


From the ashes of destruction
To the memories of the slain
For the suffering of the children
Just their mothers tears remain.
The dead will have no voice
The town will have no name.
No map will bare a trace 
Once Lidice is erased.

But one man heard the cries,
Saw the horror felt the loss,
From the beating heart of Stoke
Came the lion Barnett Stross.
He rallied and he roused
The miners heard the call.
They gave all they had to give.
Sir Barnett said “Lidice shall live”

Lidice stands a town once more
Rebuilt beside its place before.
The countries of the world unite
A sea of roses now recite.
Pictures hang for all to see
A rally for humanity.
Now children hear the story clear,
Lidice lives, Lidice’s here.

Brian Gray 2013.Image

Add colour and inspiration to your site!

Add colour and inspiration to your site!

Help us celebrate Stoke-on-Trent as an International Centre for Children’s Art and change people’s perceptions of the city for the better.

Does you organisation have a website? Get in touch and we’ll send you a batch of beautiful images from around the world for you to display at no cost.

All that we ask is that you promote the Stoke-on-Trent based UK Children’s Fine Art Competition and the city’s link with the village of Lidice – which can do so much to inspire and raise aspirations within the city.